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White marble kitchen, counter and table

6 Beautiful White Marble Kitchen Countertops

Luminous, white marble adds classic elegance to any kitchen space, pairing wonderfully with a wide range of materials and colors. The right Calacatta slab can complement cool or warm palettes, add subtle or dramatic patterns, and help you to create a one-of-a-kind interior design that perfectly suits your home and your style sensibilities.

Whether you’re looking to add a focal point to an airy, tonal kitchen, you want a bright contrast against dark cabinetry, or you’re seeking the perfect slab to draw on warm wood tones, you’ll find suitable options to explore among the thousands of slabs in stock at Brazilian Exotic Granite.

How can you find the perfect Calacatta or other white marble to complement your kitchen? There are several attractive and sophisticated varieties you may want to consider.

Calacatta Belagia

The epitome of the Calacatta style, this Italian marble exhibits all of the classic hallmarks of one of the most popular marble varieties. The cool, milky background is brushed by soft, gray veining, varying from sparse strokes to dense clusters.

Calacata Belagia Marble

The overall aesthetic is calm, but with patterning strong enough to draw the eye and serve as a focal point in an all-white design.

Calacatta Extra

Calacatta Extra Marble

If you lean toward marble countertops, it’s likely because you prefer a soft touch, as opposed to the drama and dynamism of granite, for example. In this capacity, you’re sure to appreciate the romantic appeal of Calacatta Extra, with its rich, yet understated veining that shifts across the surface like ripples on water. Pale grays play across the white background in soothing currents that deliver a calming aesthetic.

Calacatta Bernini

Calacatta Bernini Marble

Calacatta marble can be cool or warm, and this variety leans toward the latter. The white background still makes for a gorgeous addition to literally any kitchen design, but instead of cool gray veining, you’ll enjoy barely-there wisps of golden-brown that can warm a white kitchen space or draw on wood tones ranging from blonde to mahogany.

Calacatta Vagli

On the cooler end of the Calacatta spectrum is Calacatta Vagli marble, a white/gray combo that pairs perfectly with modern kitchen design. The soft white background is heavily swept with gray veining ranging from thin lines to misty patches, making for a variegated pattern that’s breathtaking, to say the least.

Calacata Vagli Marble

Calacatta Vagli is the perfect complement to modern designs that include white upper and gray or black lower cabinets, serving to tie both extremes together in a stunning middle ground.

Rhino White

If you love to lay in the grass and watch wispy cirrus clouds drift lazily through the upper atmosphere, you’ll find a lot to love about Rhino White marble countertops. This predominantly white variety is brushed ever-so-slightly with gray tendrils that create a calm, dreamy vignette.

Rhino White Marble

Anyone who is craving a breezy, soothing kitchen space will find the perfect material with this alluring variety.

White Shadow

The subtle, dynamic, swirling striations featured in this white stone may remind you of nothing so much as a slab of fudge, albeit in white and gray tones. The bright white background is layered in waves of soft gray that slide across the surface in elegant bands.

If you’re interested in covering a large perimeter countertop or creating a show stopping waterfall island, you can’t go wrong with White Shadow marble.

Shadow White Marble

Selecting the perfect marble variety for your home can be tough. Even if you know you want a white palette, there are so many stunning options to consider.

With thousands of slabs to choose from and a talented team of experienced professionals on hand, Brazilian Exotic Granite can help you find the right marble to suit your space.

Whether you’re seeking a stunning countertop for your kitchen or an elegant feature for your bathroom, our San Diego County slab superstores in San Diego and San Marcos are ready to welcome you. Discover the beauty and quality of Brazilian Exotic Granite and turn your design dreams into reality. Visit us today and let us help you create a space that reflects your unique style and vision.