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Learn About Countertop Surfaces

Discover sophisticated and stylish materials for your next project with our large selection of slab and countertop options. Choose from a number of natural stones like granite, marble, onyx, and quartzite in addition to engineered quartz and prefabricated slabs. Utilize our helpful Countertop Product Characteristics Chart to conveniently compare features side-by-side.


Granite Countertops

Granite is a popular natural stone countertop because of its stunning style, extraordinary durability, and lower porosity. This crystallized rock comes in whites to blacks and colorful shades in-between and features patterns from course grains to wavy veins. Many granite types don’t need regular sealing, while some require sealing once installed. Visit our granite countertops slab section for more information.


Quartz Countertops

Quartz is an engineered stone that blends natural quartz minerals with modern technology. Crushed stone is bonded together with resins, polymers, and pigments to create a surface that is consistent, strong, and super low maintenance. It comes in a wide range of solid colors to stone-like looks and does not need to be sealed. Visit our quartz countertops slab section for more information.


Marble Countertops

Marble is the most recognizable countertop with its glorious veining and classic white backgrounds. However, the natural stone may include various colors and movement from exposure to other minerals. This porous, high-maintenance stone is prone to stains, scratches, and etching, but with proper sealers and appropriate cleaners, marble will keep its natural wonder. Visit our marble countertops slab section for more information.


Onyx Countertops

Onyx is a rare beauty that becomes a bold statement, especially when backlit to show off its stunning translucency. This unique natural stone comes in several pastel and swirling patterns. But, the soft, luxurious surface should not see much traffic since it scratches easily and needs to be polished and sealed regularly. Visit our onyx countertops slab section for more information.


Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is a natural stone with shimmering beauty, extreme durability, and immense strength. Even though these quartz minerals were once sandstone, the surface is not the same as man-made quartz. This natural stone features subtle to sweeping veins, comes in neutral or colorful choices, and does require sealing to maintain its beauty. Visit our quartzite countertops slab section for more information.


Prefabricated Countertops

Prefabricated slabs are pre-cut countertop materials that offer the same features as granite, marble, or quartz but in ready-made options. The prefab countertops come in standard sizes with finished edges to help customers save time and money when needing a ready-to-be-installed surface. Visit our prefabricated countertops slab section for more information.