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Upgrade your kitchen or bathroom with high-quality, prefab countertops from Brazilian Exotic Granite. Our extensive selection of prefab quartz, granite, marble and more will leave you amazed. Installing prefab countertops is easy and quick, saving you both time and money on your renovation project. Visit our showrooms in San Diego and San Marcos to browse our selection. Make your renovation project effortless and beautiful with prefab countertops.

Learn More About prefabricated:

Prefabricated countertops are factory-made surfaces designed to be an affordable and convenient option for both kitchen and bathroom installations. They are created in standard sizes, making them suitable for a range of design specifications without the need for customization. Prefabricated countertops are available in various materials, including quartz, granite, and quartzite, each offering distinct aesthetic and performance characteristics.

Prefab countertops are designed to fit neatly over a standard 26″ counter depth, featuring a pre-made edge, which suits smaller spaces such as vanities or basic kitchen counters effectively. These countertops are precut to typical countertop depth. Prefab countertops are the preferred choice for rental properties that don’t need a kitchen island. For residential kitchens with an island, opting for prefab countertops for the surrounding counters can result in cost savings. However, it’s important to confirm with the slab yard that they have the preferred style of countertop available in both prefab and full slab options.

Brazilian Exotic Granite presents a selection of prefabricated countertops in materials such as granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble. Favorites include African Persa Granite, Bianco Antico Granite, and Classic Marble, among others. These selections and our other prefabricated colors are available in both prefabricated sizes and full slabs, suitable for larger countertops and design features like islands and waterfall edges.