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Different Types of Finishes for Granite Countertops

Different Types of Finishes for Granite Countertops

There are few things more exciting than redesigning the heart of your home — the kitchen. From choosing the perfect hardwood floors to granite countertops and cabinet colors, there are a variety of elements that need to be carefully selected to transform your vision into a reality. With so many decisions to make, it can be an overwhelming process trying to narrow down all details of your bathroom or kitchen countertops. Should you opt for a sleek white slab or a dimensional piece with dark tonal veins? Whatever color selection you make, you’ll also need to decide on the finish for your counters.

To help you determine which granite countertop finish is ideal for your home, we’ve put together a quick guide to explain the different finish offerings.


If you closed your eyes and pictured granite countertops, you’d probably be envisioning counters with a polished finish. A polished finish is the most common choice for homeowners opting for granite because it creates a shiny and mirror-like appearance. It’s also one of the easiest finishes to clean and keep looking its best for many years to come. Along with accentuating the colors and textures within the granite slab, this finish gives your kitchen the “polished” look you’ve been dreaming of to tie together the entire room.


Another great option is a honed finish for your granite countertops. With a buffed or matte appearance, the honed finish offers a clean, smooth countertop without the mirror-like appearance of the polished finish. Although this finish is most popular for granite flooring throughout a home to hide scuff marks and prevent slipping, it’s also available for countertops to add character to any space. When opting for this finish in the kitchen, you need to keep in mind that honed granite is more susceptible to staining — meaning it will likely require a bit more maintenance over time.


One of our favorites is a leathered finish. A leathered finish, otherwise referred to as a brushed finish, allows you to add delicate depth and dimension into your space. With a textured appearance, you can expect a more sophisticated look and feel that shows off the natural elements of the stone. Because of its textured surface, leathered granite is more stain-resistant than other finish options and also shows fewer fingerprints and scratches. However, it can also be slightly more difficult to clean since it isn’t a perfectly smooth surface to wipe down.

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