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Questions to Ask When Shopping for Granite Countertops in San Diego

Granite countertops are extremely popular with homeowners and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful, but can also offer a lifetime of durability. If you’ve decided to install a granite slab in your kitchen or bathroom but aren’t sure how to begin the process of choosing one, this post is for you!

Selecting a reputable wholesaler as a source for your San Diego granite countertops as well as selecting a top-quality granite slab, can make or break your remodeling project. Fortunately, BEG can help you every step of the way! Here are a few questions that homeowners often ask before making that important investment.

Can You Choose the Exact Slab You Want?

You should be able to choose the exact slab that will be installed in your home. After all, the natural variation between granite slabs means that no two are alike, even if they are in the same shipment. A sales consultant at Brazilian Exotic Granite will tag the granite countertops you choose, so you’re guaranteed to get the one you want.

Are There Different Finishes and Edge Treatments Available?

Many granite slabs are available with different finishes, such as polished, honed, or brushed. Your slab can also be customized with a variety of edge treatments.

Do Granite Countertops Need Sealing?

All natural stones are porous, which means they have tiny pores that absorb liquids. That includes granite, although its hardness means it may need sealing less often than other types of stone countertops. Some granite suppliers will deliver your slab unsealed, so you need to apply its yourself. Many, however, will seal the slab in advance. Make sure you know what to expect when you order your countertop.

References and Past Projects

Some granite slab suppliers have their own employees to do installations; others may use contractors. Make sure you have a reputable, experienced installer by checking their references and past projects. Excellent customer service and experienced installers are two reasons BEG is Southern California’s favorite granite supplier!

These are just a few of our popular granite colors. Granite is available in a stunning variety of colors and patterns, so you’ll want to visit our website to see more of them.

Black San Gabriel

Black San Gabriel Granite
With subtle variation in shade, Black San Gabriel is evenly colored deep, dark gray and a superb complement to sleek, contemporary kitchen designs. The contrast between dark granite and light-colored wood cabinetry brings out the best in both.


copenhagen granite countertops
Copenhagen granite is an excellent example of why you should pick out the exact slab you want for your countertop. Its bold patterning, a combination of white and brown with accents of gray and gold, varies widely between slabs.

Typhoon Bordeaux

Typhoon Bordeaux
Dramatic and sophisticated, Typhoon Bordeaux is a high-variation blend of gray and gold shades. Ideal for contemporary schemes, this is as exotic as it gets and is sure to become the room’s centerpiece.

Red Bordeaux

Red Bordeaux
Your traditional kitchen design will be well-complemented by Red Bordeaux granite countertops, a combo of mid-tone burgundy-red with black veins and flecks. The warmth and character it adds to the room will make your kitchen even more inviting.


Solarius Granite
Featuring shades of gold and cream accented by gray veins, Solarius is dramatic and colorful, yet still remains close to neutral when it comes to matching with other decor. Consider installing a matching backsplash for a unified look.

At BEG we believe in offering the best possible product at a competitive price. Quality is much more important than granite countertops cost. Other granite suppliers may focus on low prices, but can only do this by cutting corners. Brazilian Exotic Granite is a wholesaler — our low prices come from selling directly to the consumer. For granite countertops San Diego and other Southern California homeowners love, let BEG help you create the kitchen of your dreams.