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Mykonos Quartzite Slab
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Mykonos Quartzite

Origin Country: Brazil
Product Type: Quartzite
Size: Slab
Description: Mykonos Quartzite Slabs exudes an air of luxury with its robust greyish-beige backdrop and distinct horizontal grey veining, offering a dazzling array of colors ideal for both interior and exterior designs. Renowned for its strength, quartzite remains a prime selection for areas with heavy use. Its versatility shines through its wide range of applications, from countertops to flooring. Maintenance is straightforward, with simple sealing and cleaning regimes sufficient to preserve its grandeur. Mykonos Quartzite’s timeless elegance, combined with its unique pattern variations and suitability for both indoor and outdoor settings, ensures its place as a classic choice that will retain its beauty perennially.