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“Prefab” countertops can save homeowners a lot of money on their natural stone countertops. However, there’s some confusion about prefabricated countertops — some people believe the word “prefab” means it’s not real stone, or means sacrificing some of the luxurious beauty of marble or granite.


The word “prefab” simply means that much of the finishing work has already been completed before it’s purchased. Because there’s no customization involved, besides cutting it on-site to fit the area for installation, it’s a great value.


When you choose a prefab granite countertop, the only tradeoff is that there’s less opportunity for customization. However, these images prove that prefab countertops are just as gorgeous!




Classic Marble

Brazilian Exotic Granite offers prefab marble countertops to fit standard-size kitchens and bathrooms. Typically, you’ll have fewer colors to choose from than custom slabs. However, this can work in your favor — reduced inventory results in a reduced cost to the distributor, and this savings can be passed on to consumers. Now you can afford to upgrade your home with Classic Marble, which will always be in style.




Rocky Mountain

How does a prefabricated countertop save homeowners so much money? In a word: efficiency. Only the most popular colors are kept in stock. Not only does this help you select a natural stone more quickly, but it also increases the chance of satisfaction with this long-term commitment. For example, Rocky Mountain granite is a favorite choice because its mid-tone gray is enhanced with black and white flecks, so it’s elegant and easy to match with any decor.



Kashmir White

There’s no way around it — remodeling a kitchen or bath is disruptive to your normal family life, although this sleek Kashmir White granite countertop is worth waiting for.. However, with a prefab countertop, your waiting time is drastically reduced. Since there is no customization, your contractor can install the countertop sooner. Not only does this minimize the homeowner’s inconvenience, it may also reduce the fees you pay for installation.





When it’s time to sell your home, a natural stone countertop can increase its selling price and even reduce its time on the market. Of course, there’s no difference between prefabricated countertops and slab counters when it comes to boosting your home’s value. In fact, you can be confident knowing your counter is a popular pick. Elegant Ubatuba granite is one of the most popular colors on the market.




Antique Gold

Prefabricated countertops from BEG are the same quality as slab counters; this Antique Gold granite countertop demonstrates how they can turn an average kitchen into an amazing one. When you combine the lower cost of the prefabricated slab with the convenience of buying from a local source, you’ll be surprised at the savings.


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